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CAPTURE CLIP - Peak Design
📸- Cameras -
Sony Alpha a7 III
Sony - FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM
Rode VideoMic Pro Plus
DJI Osmo Pocket
DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone
GoPro HERO7 Black
- Accessories -
Pelican Card CASE
Travel Adapter
USB charger
Plugbug Adapter
WD External SSD
- ND Filters -
PolarPro ND DJI Osmo Pocket
PolarPro Mavic 2 Filters
B+W ND Variable Filter
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    Jazmynn V

    6 oy oldin

    LOVE THIS! more of these videos!

  2. AZV


    8 oy oldin

    His explanation of what a ND filter does lol

  3. Jen


    9 oy oldin

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  4. Griselle Osorio

    Griselle Osorio

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  5. Olivia E.

    Olivia E.

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  6. Alejandra Villarreal

    Alejandra Villarreal

    9 oy oldin

    Super great video! Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you use! Would love to see more videos like this. My boyfriend is getting into photography and making videos and I really want to get him a camera and things he can use to get started. Thank you again! 🙏🏼

  7. Hena Koch

    Hena Koch

    11 oy oldin

    Yes everything please

  8. Paola Ayala

    Paola Ayala

    11 oy oldin

    best camera for photography? i’m looking for a good camera for traveling🤩

  9. Laynee Jones

    Laynee Jones

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  10. Niya Carrington

    Niya Carrington

    Yil oldin

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  11. ThuggyMacho


    Yil oldin

    I definitely want to see a "how to film a travel vlog" video. I love your style of filming and editing.

  12. jpatty21


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  13. Yaneli Ramirez

    Yaneli Ramirez

    Yil oldin

    Could you post a video of all the cameras and lenses you recommend !!! 🖥📷📹🎥

  14. Toox Talivai

    Toox Talivai

    Yil oldin

    Question with what’s in my bag videos being popular are you worried about gear security as some of these mid to high end camera bags stick out as theft magnets? Also how many bags have you had stolen?

  15. D M

    D M

    Yil oldin

    $4,000 for one camera 🤢😲 crazy ❤️

  16. Yazzi Taylor

    Yazzi Taylor

    Yil oldin

    I really want to know how you take Desi’s photos at night! Like what you use to get that moody feel.

  17. Justine Velayo

    Justine Velayo

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  18. Love, Raina Dawn

    Love, Raina Dawn

    Yil oldin

    Yessss more videos like this! I’d love to see what kind of systems you have as far as organizing your footage, what do you keep where do you store it (videos and photos)

  19. Tania Bernal

    Tania Bernal

    Yil oldin

    What would you rate the audio on the DJI?

  20. neptune0323


    Yil oldin

    I love this video!! My boyfriend and I are looking into camera gear to record travels and I honestly didn’t know about that tiny camera. Very cool

  21. Carla Tea

    Carla Tea

    Yil oldin

    Love the video! Please do more videos like this as well as the settings that you use for shooting footage

  22. JC Murray

    JC Murray

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  23. Vini Ottoni

    Vini Ottoni

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    Lisa and Wills hauls

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    Ray Luv

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  26. luisjana nerhati

    luisjana nerhati

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    Wooow the way he thinks of ways to help his wife is just so special bc you really don’t see that too often especially w people so young it really warmed my heart💗 also you are such a natural and clearly know what you’re doing bc this video turned out great and was very informative as well!!! Defiantly here for this. Go Steven!!

  27. Karen Stephannie

    Karen Stephannie

    Yil oldin

    Awesome video it was much needed thank you!!! Video ideas: top accessories for editing your videos and also basic tips on how to edit a vlog and of other types of videos.

  28. markarius krismade

    markarius krismade

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    Perfect setup

  29. Lisa Kiani

    Lisa Kiani

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    They both make genuinely informative and helpful videos with all the links and everything! Thank you!

  30. Alfa Medtech

    Alfa Medtech

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  31. lovliesusie1


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  32. ariella alleira

    ariella alleira

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    Hi Steven. Love this content. I would love to know how you color grade & come up with concepts for desis creative videos (Lana music video, quay glasses recap)

  33. Jackie Rubio

    Jackie Rubio

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    What kind of soft boxes are those?

  34. Bar Code

    Bar Code

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    Is a gimbal for your camera really necessary?? I’m not sure if I need one... help

  35. Monique H

    Monique H

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    Lluri Beauty

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  38. Patricia Feliciano

    Patricia Feliciano

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    What is your opinion on the Sony alpha 6000 ? I have a beauty channel and I have only filmed and edited on my iPhone 6 Plus.

  39. cindyboss07


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    You should do a video on your editing. I love your transitions.

  40. Laura Crawley

    Laura Crawley

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    Sven, do you use any lenses for your iPhone? What do you suggest if you do or don’t?! Thanks - Laura 🤗

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    Kirsten N

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  43. Michaela JB

    Michaela JB

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    Y’alls insta game has stepped up lately, would love a tutorial on the flash photography and editing process. This is a great intro to travel vlogging stock.

  44. Shana-Kay Living

    Shana-Kay Living

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    Courtney Ritter

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    Shirley Agnew

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    Sada Slay

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  49. stefie808


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    Ryan Gonzalez

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    I think I might be the only dude on here commenting?... Lol. My Wife has been watching you and Desi since the beginning man and she always ropes me in to watch with her when she says you are in a video lol. Im a film maker myself and have been doing it since high school and college, 10 years now haha. I cant tell you how much I respect what you do and how you do it, you really have a talent and gift for videography and production. Anyway just want to say its awesome seeing you in front of the camera and showing us your gear. Hope to see more videos like this from you. PS: Im a Sony A7r user myself but looking to get that Siii soon!

  51. Karina Barao

    Karina Barao

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    Ibidun Omisade

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    Alejandra Guevara

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    Johnlor Turner

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    Carmen G

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    Mart Ramirez

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    Gerald Lizardo

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  74. Dewi Jones

    Dewi Jones

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  75. life style

    life style

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    Jaime Bellon

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    Shakira Gonzalez

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