We spent Desi’s birthday in Marrakech

Birthday trip to Marrakech. The places we stayed and visited are down below. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and we will be in there to answer them.
Where we stayed: Amanjena, Marrakech, Morocco
Our New DJ friend:
The White Camel Lodge - Agafay Desert
City Center: Marrakech souk
Dinner and Lunch Spots:
Royal Mansour Marrakech
Luxury Hotel Riad in Marrakech
Comptoir Darna Marrakech
Our City Tour Guide:
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    Shandini Naidoo

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    Jocelyne Estrada

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  5. SabrinaChic


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    • T C

      T C

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  6. Niamh Walker

    Niamh Walker

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    Monique C

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  24. Joana Leonardo

    Joana Leonardo

    Yil oldin

    The thing about taxis in Marraquesh is that they always, always overcharge the tourists... You have to negociate a price before you get in the taxi!!! Marraquesh is safe but there are so many scams...

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    Yesenia hernandez

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    Teodora Petrova

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    Aisha Alabi

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  28. cps525i


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    I always tell people that when traveling, it doesn't matter what country you are in there are always sketchy people. You just need to always be on your toes.

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    Kaleb's Family Adventures

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