Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8

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  1. Cassidy Hammes

    Cassidy Hammes

    29 kun oldin

    The Katy shirt killed me 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Erica Johnson

    Erica Johnson

    2 oy oldin

    Desi’s mom is so funny. “Congratulations to you, and congratulations to me” 🤣🥰

  3. Marcelina Skrodzka

    Marcelina Skrodzka

    4 oy oldin

    What is the app that you’re using?

  4. Jeny D

    Jeny D

    4 oy oldin

    Wow!!! That zucchini!

  5. Just Me Ashley

    Just Me Ashley

    4 oy oldin

    I guess I’m in the minority. I didn’t think it was bad. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I thought she was trying to be chill. The 20 week anatomy scan isn’t fun? It’s just a scan to make sure they’re good to go. A 4d session at like peek a baby is a different thing. That’s where you do the heartbeat teddy bear. Keep sakes. Etc. Also pumpkins are super hearty and pretty easy to grow so I hope that they are successful in their pumpkin patch

  6. itsnicoletiana


    5 oy oldin

    im finally catching up with your series and omg! i felt that awkwardness with that ultrasound. babyboy is so handsomes!!!!!!! so happy for you and steven and the fam!!! ❤️

  7. Morgan Isabella

    Morgan Isabella

    5 oy oldin

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  8. Amanda M

    Amanda M

    5 oy oldin

    Im 17 weeks and being pregnant during Covid is so different than my other pregnancies,but the only thing is that at my OB office my hubby isn't aloud to any appt except ultrasounds. They allow him to come to those. So my heart hurts that he can't go in with you!!🥺

  9. Aaidenrdrgz


    6 oy oldin

    It was an anatomy scan while she shouldn’t have said anything about his lip, this wasn’t an ultrasound that you should have expected to be like the other times you go to the dr. They are there to see if everything is growing and pumping the way it should.

  10. celeste ahouma

    celeste ahouma

    6 oy oldin

    Your mom is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S

  11. Ruth Patrick

    Ruth Patrick

    6 oy oldin

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  12. Ruth Mont

    Ruth Mont

    6 oy oldin

    I had a second 3D ultrasound w my hubby and mom and sister and nieces to see the baby 3D and we got the teddy w the heartbeat lol so yes do it. It was my best memory

  13. Michelle Alonso

    Michelle Alonso

    6 oy oldin

    I have a feeling the ultrasound tech got pressured with all the cameras to deliver you a full decent image and totally lost her common sense on the way thru it

  14. keepinitreal


    6 oy oldin

    Desi you’re so dumb! Doing unnecessary ultrasounds for a baby isn’t safe for them at all. There’s a reason why ob’s still limit the amount of ultrasounds that happen during pregnancy. And here you are doing it just for the “fluff”

  15. I.M Melody

    I.M Melody

    6 oy oldin

    Yeah the lady who did the ultrasound did sound like a crabby old lady



    7 oy oldin

    I felt that way with my first appt and not too long ago the appt I had recently im not sure if its because they go through it regularly or because of covid be it isnt a very warm feeling at all they are like zombies and I know you are way past your 2nd trimester and probably at one point maybe dealt with constipation but when I told my ob His nurse told me to take a whole bottle of magnesium citrate and she was older and obviously clueless unless she just wanted me to shit my baby out right then and there 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ its like maam yea no a Midwife I go .....but im so happy for you and Steven and ive been watching your channel for a long time I knew this moment would come for you I admire you for pushing through for so many years and to have a wonderful husband and a great partner is so Amazing 🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️🥺🤧☺️

  17. Brooke Edwards

    Brooke Edwards

    7 oy oldin

    I’m having a girl in October!

  18. Eva Mary

    Eva Mary

    7 oy oldin

    Boy or girl??

  19. Lucas Oliver

    Lucas Oliver

    7 oy oldin

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  20. Rihab HLAYBA

    Rihab HLAYBA

    7 oy oldin

    I'm trying to het pregnant, And it breaks my heart when I think I am and then I'm not, and watching desi's journey makes me feel so happy for her, and I pray throughout the video that her babe is healthy and that everything goes the way she wants, my prayers go to every women trying to get pregnant, keep praying, god makes miracles

  21. Ana Ayala

    Ana Ayala

    7 oy oldin

    I felt the vibe during the ultrasound and I was like am I the only one feeling it was very unprofessional... and then daddy asks are you okay momma ? 🥺 Im so happy you guys talked about your feelings and how you felt through that... I’m so sorry that happened!!! But overall most importantly the baby is very healthy 🥰

  22. Meghan


    7 oy oldin

    Ahhh I’m just now catching up on your journey!!! So excited. But I’m only 10 min in I’ve already had 3 ads pop up 😩

  23. Aulani Mitchell

    Aulani Mitchell

    8 oy oldin

    you can tell from the jump Desi's whole vibe changed lol i felt the annoyance through the video bc of the tech

  24. Brianna Hale

    Brianna Hale

    8 oy oldin

    "I'm only building your CHILD! What are you doing??!!" lol

  25. Sabellah St Sauveur

    Sabellah St Sauveur

    8 oy oldin

    its is a doy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  26. Colipopkola


    8 oy oldin

    Love how he wanted to make sure Desi is alright after that lady came for baby Perkins!

  27. Romy Fernandez

    Romy Fernandez

    8 oy oldin

    I feel like he's a Levi or an Israel. Don't know why. God blessss him! God bless you guys (:

  28. Jamie


    8 oy oldin

    I had to pause after the ultrasound..... I even felt weird when the lady said something about baby's lip... like excuse me? hmm.. wow. I would have been upset too!! xox

  29. Janie Schwartz

    Janie Schwartz

    8 oy oldin

    Idk why everyone is upset about the technician? It didn’t sound offensive to me. Like she was just pointing out something. And the “he’s in the wrong position in every way”. Maybe I’m just not as sensitive, but why was that a negative experience?

  30. Care Bear

    Care Bear

    8 oy oldin

    When you get a 3d and 4d your baby will look just like the sonogram pic!

  31. Care Bear

    Care Bear

    8 oy oldin

    I’d be so happy and calm living in a house like that wow I need mine😭

  32. Agatha D

    Agatha D

    8 oy oldin

    I just want to know why u and katy havent come out with a sweats and athleisure line yet lmao

  33. tere llamas

    tere llamas

    8 oy oldin

    I paid $50 at the mall to find the sex of my baby. The girls where so sweet it was like a movie theater I got a teddy bear with her heart beat. It was amazing on my 30th bday 😊❤

  34. Courtney Nappi

    Courtney Nappi

    8 oy oldin

    Did she know you guys knew the gender? Bc she was throwing out “he’s” left and right and seeing how unprofessional she was hoping she knew to ask first!!

  35. Rosy Love

    Rosy Love

    9 oy oldin

    Love you guys and congratulations on your little man! They kept telling me that my daughter had a “really big head!” This was during my 20 week ultrasound and it was scary to think I was going to have to push out this huge head but my daughters head was PERFECT and totally normal but I feel that when you’re pregnant and scared these comments affect you differently so don’t stress momma! He’s going to PERFECT! Love y’all!

  36. Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Taylor

    9 oy oldin

    Also, “how are we going to find the baby, it’s gonna be camouflaged” 😂😂😂 come off Desi’s vibe lol sis knows her power colors okay! Lol

  37. Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Taylor

    9 oy oldin

    Steven asking for matching outfits with the baby is the most heart melting thing

  38. Cynthia Muniz

    Cynthia Muniz

    9 oy oldin

    I’m catching up with the videos and honestly the moment she started touching your belly, the vibes felt weird. I’m glad the doctor went in after to reassure you that everything looks as it should.

  39. mimi buthelezi

    mimi buthelezi

    9 oy oldin

    I love watching how your mother is nurturing your (and Steven's) spanish speaking as you prepare for the baby. It's just so sweet.

  40. Spartans Penguin

    Spartans Penguin

    9 oy oldin

    How blessed you were Allowed to FaceTime for the ultrasound. I wasn’t allow to even have my phone out at all. My little boy was moving around so much they could BARELY get the pics they needed and it took almost twice the time. :-) big upper lip was adorable!! Mine has opposite, Tiny little lips.

  41. Rochelle V

    Rochelle V

    9 oy oldin

    I had the same feeling with my ultrasound... Everyone makes out like its this amazing emotional experience but for me it felt rushed, clinical and as you said, like I was the last person even though I was one of the first and this is my first baby. We didnt even get to hear the heartbeat so I felt like Id missed out on a true ultrasound experience. BUT it is all still a miracle and amazing and we can only be grateful that we can see such a beautiful moment inside us and capture images like the ones you got :) xxx

  42. Saenz Dana

    Saenz Dana

    9 oy oldin

    I didn't think she was being rude saying the baby looked funny. She was just describing his lips. Idk, but my ultrasound tech would tell me my kids had big lips, the bottom was bigger. My son was very uncooperative when trying to get good photos so I doubt she was saying it to be rude or negative. However the cussing was unprofessional.

  43. Lexie Nguyen

    Lexie Nguyen

    9 oy oldin

    Halloween baby !! Last year the dopest halloween circus party ! This year the coolest halloween babyshower 😍✨

  44. Isamar Vasquez

    Isamar Vasquez

    9 oy oldin

    Seriously they are best couple on social media. The way her husband knows her so well to check in because he understands her emotions just wow. The lazy comment was hilarious 😆 “only building your child” 😂 love it! Wish the Perkins nothing but more and more blessings because these two are genuine loving souls

  45. Genlovee


    9 oy oldin

    I have watched every episode and have not skipped one bit, I have watched everything and I am so happy for you guys 💙🏡 you guys deserve all this happenings and may God continue to bless you and your family and home !!!

  46. Katie Okpala

    Katie Okpala

    9 oy oldin

    You got a horrible tech. I'm sorry she ruined that moment for you. It's totally normal; my sons profile looked like that in the ultrasound and he has perfect lips :)

  47. Beautiful Surprise

    Beautiful Surprise

    9 oy oldin

    The ONLY part of the ultrasound fiasco that seemed out of line to me was when she said the cuss word. I mean obviously Desi and Steven are adults and say swear words themselves BUT I know this was being filmed for the family memory so I know the ultrasound tech had to have seen the camera since the doctor commented on it when she walked in. The tech had to know they were recording the ultrasound visit for their memories and she shouldn't have said any cuss words. Regarding her comment about the upper lip, I think she said what she said because she was trying to tell them who she thought the baby looked like because she said asked which one of them has a bigger upper lip because the baby has a bigger upper lip and that's when she said she can't tell which one of them the baby looks like because with the masks she can't see sh*t (again, out of line). But I don’t believe she meant it offensively. She was just trying to describe the baby’s lip as she believed it appeared on screen. I know it was the pregnancy hormones that caused Desi to feel the way she did about that comment. When I had my baby, my best friend came over to see her and she told me that her fingers were long and I cried for at least 15 minutes. Lol. The truth of the matter is that her fingers were a little long and skinny back then. She’s totally grown into her skinny fingers now but I was so hormonal at the time and I thought she was perfect so for someone to say something that alluded to her not being perfect totally broke me down. My daughter is almost 15 years old now and still perfect (in my eyes). My best friend and I laugh so hard about that day I broke down about my baby’s fingers every time we think about it. Just typing it here is making me laugh all over again. Pregnancy and post natal hormones can really change you entire personality. I think Desi and Steven will laugh as well when their son is a teenager. Remember that time we got pissed at the ultrasound tech because she said ______’s top lip was big? 😂😂. Also I am very happy they scheduled another appointment at one of those places that specialize in the 3D and 4D ultrasound. I had one at the doctor’s office and one at the specialty place as well. They were two totally different experiences and I’m sure Desi will be satisfied with the second one if she hasn’t already had it done by now.

  48. Ashley Zieman

    Ashley Zieman

    9 oy oldin

    When I had my ultrasound the woman who helped me shook my belly so get my baby to move so she could get a better position as well :) very normal. And babies don't have any teeth or anything to support their lips when they are born so a lot of kids have thin lips. Your baby is awesome and normal ♥️ congratulations on becoming parents and getting to be even happier!!

  49. Jennifer Reynoso

    Jennifer Reynoso

    9 oy oldin

    I love when her mom said “Congratulations to me too!” 😂😍

  50. Simple Nail Designs

    Simple Nail Designs

    9 oy oldin

    Love seeing the growth of baby through the vlogs. Thank you for sharing your journey! 💙

  51. Angela Seguro: Financial Advisor

    Angela Seguro: Financial Advisor

    9 oy oldin

    Your mom was so cute when she said "congratulations to you and congratulations to ME TOO! :P

  52. Kelly Dale

    Kelly Dale

    9 oy oldin

    All ultrasound are like that in the UK unless you pay private for it. At the end of the day it's about checking the babies anatomy is correct it's not a fun appointment for you to see the baby

  53. Jessa Lynn

    Jessa Lynn

    9 oy oldin

    what in the Katy is that shirt 😂

  54. Ghosthit420princess


    9 oy oldin


  55. Abbie Daniel

    Abbie Daniel

    9 oy oldin

    Sven is literally glowing talking about baby boy and looking at you 🥰 🤰

  56. Kiki Philpott

    Kiki Philpott

    9 oy oldin


  57. Chelsea Huntzinger

    Chelsea Huntzinger

    9 oy oldin

    “I probably won’t buy any more new born stuff because they grow out of it so fast, I’m learning” the last two words are the most important words as a parent of any age.

  58. Southeast by Midwest

    Southeast by Midwest

    9 oy oldin

    Your mom is so amazing. I love how she has jumped in to help you with the way you want to do things but doesn't seem to be taking over.

  59. Liz Ortega

    Liz Ortega

    9 oy oldin


  60. BrownieYT


    9 oy oldin

    When you call a Latina lazy😂😂😂. Steven should know better😂

  61. Kaylee Lyn Beauty

    Kaylee Lyn Beauty

    10 oy oldin

    Our baby boys always had their lower lip tucked in. Even after they were born. It’s precious. Totally normal. Super weird she said that since she does that all day.

  62. Kristine Højen

    Kristine Højen

    10 oy oldin

    where was all the amazing baby stuff from?

  63. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez

    10 oy oldin

    That was rude! Same thing happened to me with my daughter. They said she had very big lips and her lips were normal when she was born. Technicians can be very rude

  64. mrs. p

    mrs. p

    10 oy oldin

    I agree with you! She was rude! I didn’t like her vibe at all

  65. Emiliana Herrera

    Emiliana Herrera

    10 oy oldin

    Desi: That means my boobs go out further than my belly Steven: No....your boobs go out farther Desi: Yes that's what I said Idk why this had me cracking up

  66. Ayleen & Gabwaa

    Ayleen & Gabwaa

    10 oy oldin


  67. Denise Guillen

    Denise Guillen

    10 oy oldin

    I feel like I made a new friend just by watching your videos because I finally have someone I can relate too . I’m young so is my husband , ttc for 5 years ,one miscarriage lots of negative tests ...(lots) and dealing with infertility in silent It was something I did not want anyone knowing about . I had a failed iui and then Covid happened ...& I wasn’t able to try for months & when my clinic opened up I did Ivf transferred July 1st got my positive on the 11th I can’t wait for what’s to come and re watch your videos ,no one can match the excitement of a pregnant women who has been trying for years ,it’s indescribable ❤️

  68. Naasira amin

    Naasira amin

    10 oy oldin

    I love listening to the baby’s heartbeat, always my fave part of ultrasound scans ❤️

  69. Mikaela H

    Mikaela H

    10 oy oldin

    Your mom is so beautiful, so cuute, so sweet. I dont even know her but I love her hahaha

  70. Ana Deme

    Ana Deme

    10 oy oldin

    Unfortunatly that's the reality of many ultrasound techs - get in, do the job, get out. Sadly almost every scan appointment I went to was super similar to yours. I even had one women tech get really annoyed with my baby becasue she was flipped away and it was close to the end of her shift..she kept shaking my stomach to see if she would flip and sighing every 4 minutes. I got so fed up told her to call in another tech..thank god I did..the next one was calm patient and nice.

  71. Leah Chaney

    Leah Chaney

    10 oy oldin

    I just love this series

  72. Angeles Marin

    Angeles Marin

    10 oy oldin

    You look stunning with your belly ! 💓 none related what products do you use for your edges lol ?

  73. The Life Of Karen

    The Life Of Karen

    10 oy oldin

    You can book a 3D/4D ultrasound just for “fun” they will take their time with you. Very fun EDIT: right when i finished typing this she said she’s already made an appointment 😂

  74. Nicole Davis

    Nicole Davis

    10 oy oldin

    I paid extra to get the 4d ultrasound with the teddy bear and all the bells and whistles and it was the best decision. You won’t regret it one bit!

  75. Denise Perez

    Denise Perez

    10 oy oldin

    It's normal to shake your belly to get baby to move. They're trying to see and make sure everything is developing appropriately. When you make another appointment and baby doesn't cooperate they're going to do the same thing. The lip comment was probably because you were filming. Some places don't even allow that so definitely count yourself lucky that you have that footage even if you cringed.

  76. Lupe Flores

    Lupe Flores

    10 oy oldin

    Lazyyyy??? 😂😂😂

  77. Melody Santana

    Melody Santana

    10 oy oldin

    The differences between a tech and a doctor Tech: oh wow look at it, he has such a big upper lip Doctor: .... that's normal Moral of the Story never listen to a ultrasound technician.

  78. Kimberly Arce

    Kimberly Arce

    10 oy oldin

    that slick bun = jlo vibes

  79. Sammy J

    Sammy J

    10 oy oldin

    I cry EVERY SINGLE EPISODE 😭 (good tears). This is so beautiful and your baby is making an even more amazing, empathetic and passionate woman even before he is officially here. Being a mom looks so darn good you, and Steve is already in dad jokes mode. My heart! 💖

  80. Aurora Harkins

    Aurora Harkins

    10 oy oldin

    I ball my eyes out each time I even see your little sneak peaks on Instagram, then the entire video. I absolutely adore you guys and I’m so excited for you baby doll ❤️

  81. Nayely Cazares

    Nayely Cazares

    10 oy oldin

    OMG I felt the same way about the ultrasound tech... there was no enthusiasm in that appointment! I am happy you noticed that and scheduled another one!

  82. Rocio Mercado

    Rocio Mercado

    10 oy oldin

    Harper looking so fluffy at the end 😍❤️

  83. Nancy Perez

    Nancy Perez

    10 oy oldin

    Techs aren’t even supposed to say anything.

  84. Jennifer Nicholas

    Jennifer Nicholas

    10 oy oldin

    Honestly Desi you and this baby are such a light to us as well in this crazy year. I’m so thankful that you are sharing with us 💗

  85. Susan Urbina-Figueroa

    Susan Urbina-Figueroa

    10 oy oldin

    What was up with the lady??? It is a baby and you're frustrated that it won't stop moving? I swear some people pick the wrong career. I felt your vibe change I the room and funny that Steven asked how you were.

  86. Maria Kalendareva

    Maria Kalendareva

    10 oy oldin

    😂 I love you guys!!!!! “Jk,jk,jk”

  87. Vanessa Middleton

    Vanessa Middleton

    10 oy oldin

    Hiii! ☺ My question is how did you get a recording on your phone while facetimeing??? I want to be able to do the same thing. 👍🏼🙂

  88. Letta Fiame

    Letta Fiame

    10 oy oldin

    Love you guys a blessing on your baby journey 🎊🎊🎊🎊

  89. Lindsey Bussey

    Lindsey Bussey

    10 oy oldin

    It’s a beautiful experience & to have it ruined is disgraceful!! My husband is deployed and should would not let me call until the very end of the ultrasound during my anatomy scan 😭 who knows what is in the water with these techs

  90. Olivia E.

    Olivia E.

    10 oy oldin

    lollll is that Katy on the shirt? uztop.info/my/video/n3ilssiYjLGnm5c

  91. Bre Stuhlmuller

    Bre Stuhlmuller

    10 oy oldin

    I had a very similar experience with my ultrasound appointment! Like acting mad that my baby girl “wasn’t cooperating” liiiiiiiiike give me a break! Sorry you had not the best experience too! Hoping your next one is amazing!

  92. Mariana Morales Velazquez

    Mariana Morales Velazquez

    10 oy oldin

    Anyone else looking at katy’s face the whole time?? Lolol

  93. Lee Hetet

    Lee Hetet

    10 oy oldin

    If only the tech actually knew your guys journey to get this far in your pregnancy then maybe she might have been a little more sensitive to the situation & plus with this pandemic going on & Steven not being allowed to be in the room to experience this moment right by your side, she could have been a little more compassionate to the situation. But good on you desi for wanting to go elsewhere to get your guys special moment. Wishing you all the best can’t wait for the next episode 😊

  94. naomi macias

    naomi macias

    10 oy oldin

    You guys are my favorite ❤

  95. Leslie Figueroa

    Leslie Figueroa

    10 oy oldin

    Okay I have watched this video many times but I still get upset when the tech/nurse/whatever she is , in the ultrasound after she had be throwing unnecessary comments all appt long decided to say “now with these masks I can’t see shit” um... excuse me... where did you even go to school?? Because they clearly skipped the part of Professionalism and Empathy with the patient. 😒so proud of Desi for staying strong and composed . I would have been sooo upset

  96. Kara Sullivan-Orellana

    Kara Sullivan-Orellana

    10 oy oldin

    I totally relate to the rushed appointments. Mine always felt like that and I wouldn't even be asked if I had questions. Being my first child I was so upset because of course I wanted to know things and enjoy seeing the ultrasounds.

  97. Stacy Dickinson

    Stacy Dickinson

    10 oy oldin

    the pumpkin patch is sooooo cute... baby Perkins doesn't even know... so blessed!

  98. Classic Ashley

    Classic Ashley

    10 oy oldin

    Yes - get the 3D at a special place. Worth every penny!

  99. Cheleene Wence

    Cheleene Wence

    10 oy oldin

    Omg Desi and Steven♥️♥️♥️♥️💓!! You all are sooo sweet!! I always wait to watch these videos with my 2 daughters. We have cried, laughed with all of you!! Sending soo much love from Chicago♥️💓♥️💓

  100. chyna0914


    10 oy oldin

    Don’t focus so much on the expected “excitement” of an ultrasound. You won’t even remember those moments once little man gets here.